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WELCOME TO Super7 Coupon


The Super7 is a new pools coupon from the Mars Leisure stables with a number of features quite distinct from any other conventional pools coupon. The Super7 coupon is the coupon that allows a staker the unique opportunity to become a millionaire with just N2,500 as an investment. The fixed stake on Super7 is N2,500. That means you cannot stake less than N2,500. And because it is a coupon designed to relieve stakers of stress, you cannot stake more than N2,500 per line. Making big money should not be a do or die affair.

The Super7 is a pools coupon based on the usual 49 football matches on the conventional weekly coupons which stakers are used to. It is staked weekly just like normal pools coupons. It is a draws coupon, not home or away. It does not matter whether the draws have scores or not.

On the Super7, you are expected to make a selection of 7 numbers you believe will end in draws. And when you get them correct, YOU ARE A WINNER. Where your 7 selections don't all end up in draws, you could still be a winner. When you get 6 out of the 7 draws correct, we will compensate you, if there is no winning coupon on the Super7 in a particular week

Staking the Super7:

If you are staking the Super7 by sms the simple format is Super7 11,13,15,16,23,34,49 amt 2500. If you select just 7 numbers, it means you are napping. However, there is room for permutation, where you want to select more than 7 numbers. Getting 7 or more correct out of whatever number of selections you make gives you the appropriate number of winning lines. for example selecting 9 numbers on the Super7 coupon means you have a permutation of 7 from 9 translating to 36 lines which will cost you N90,000 since a line is fixed at N2500: that is Super7 11,21,23,25,27,31,34,35 amt 90000.

Top Prize Money (TPM): This is the total money available for winning in a given week. Usually it is a minimum of N1million as a starting value. Whatever the value of the TPM, in a week, if there is only one winner, he takes it all. Otherwise it will be shared equally amongst the winning lines. However, if there is no winner in a particular week, the TPM will be rolled over to the next week. Not only that, the TPM will be raised above the previous week value and the TPM value will continue to be raised until a winner or winners emerge. As soon as the TPM is won in a particular week, a new TPM which will not be less than N1m will be announced for the next week. And the procedure will go on and on, rolling out millionaires who deserve to be TRUE MILLIONAIRES. The TPM has no limit. It can rise to N10m, N50m or whatever. But one thing is very sure, whatever the TPM, it is bound to be won."

Where can I find the Super7 coupon to stake?

The Super7 coupon is available on this website, just like other Mars Leisure coupons. You must be registered with Mars to be able to stake it. You can stake the Super7 coupon, just like any of our other coupons, directly on the website or through your telephone handset.

Why will you publicise my winning?

Transparency remains a big issue in the pools business. We want the public to know how the TPM is being shared, so that there won't be any room for any form of doubt. If the TPM for a week is N3m and there are 3 winners, we need to allow the public know who the 3 people entitled to the N3m are and what their winning coupons are. So, if you win the Super7, we will surely give the winning publicity

What is the maximum I can win on Super7?

The maximum winning on the Super7 is determined by the TPM in a given week and the number of winning coupon(s) that week. If the TPM for a week is N6.3m and there is only 1 winning coupon for the week, that only coupon will take the whole N6.3m. But if there is more than a winning coupon, all the winning coupons will share the TPM at stake.

Spread of Winning

Where and when it becomes inevitable, the winning on the Super7 may be paid over a period of weeks in equal installments, after publicity modalities have been concluded.

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